For areas over 20,000 square feet only, we provide high-level commercial carpet cleaning services and tile maintenance services.

Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional staff will come into your office, medical, education or industrial building and provide a full and comprehensive carpet cleaning service. We can provide options for deodorizing, sanitizing and stain removal. LEED-Compliant carpet cleaning is also available using CRI licensed equipment and Green Seal chemicals.

Our expert staff will spot clean your carpeting prior to services and even deodorize your carpets. In most cases, your commercial carpeting will restore the brilliance and it had when it was first installed.

We take special care of your carpet fibers and provide you a detailed plan on how to best care for your carpet investment.

We can provide a variety of options to clean your carpeting: bonnet cleaning, extraction, hot water extraction, spot cleaning, brush cleaning, dry cleaning and any other methods your carpeting manufacturer recommends.

Tile Maintenance (Strip, Seal and Wax)

Our experienced floor technicians are capable of providing complete or minor floor maintenance services for your commercial facilities. We can provide grout cleaning, floor scrubbing, disinfecting and resealing services to protect and enhance your facility floors.

We have processes available to service large sections of tile which provide long-term sealants and reduce maintenance.

Carpet, Mats, & Runners

• Clean Spills
• Remove smudges and marks
• Steam Clean/Hot Water Extraction
• Pile Grooming
• Protection Treatment

Hard Surface Floors:

• Sweep
• Damp Mop
• Spot Clean Spillage
• Keep all areas free of trash
• Scrub & Buff
• Strip, Wax, & Refinish
• Clean Baseboards
• Grout Cleaning

Carpet Vacuuming

• Vacuum all carpeted areas
• Remove staples Daily
• Edge Vacuum

We offer carpet cleaning to the following areas:
Knoxville | Downtown Knoxville | Karns | Powell | Farragut | Concord | Seymour | Knox County | Corryton